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Sunday July 3rd

Start Times Main Gym International Volleyball
11:00am Prairies Ontario Womens Final
12:30 am Edmonton Ontario East Mens Final
  South Campus Soccer Field Soccer 
9:00am BC-A Ontario-East Mens Semifinal #1 Field1
9:00am Prairies B Prairies A Mens Semifinal #2 Field 2
9:00am Edmonton BC Women Consolation
Field 3
11:00am Ontario Prairies Womens Final Foote Field
1:00pm Ontario East Prairies A Mens Final Foote Field
  Main Gym Full court Basketball  
8:00am Prairies BC Womens Final
9:30am Ontario East BC-A Mens  Final
    Traditional Volleyball  
8:30am Ontario East BC-A Semifinal #1 KinsmenCourt 1
8:30am Prairies Edm-A Semifinal #2 KinsmenCourt 2
2:00pm Semifinal 1 Winner Semifinal 2 Winner Mens Final Main Gym
  George Hughes Arena Hockey  
1:30pm BC Ontario Womens Consolation
3:00pm Edmonton Prairies Women Final
4:30pm Edmonton A Ontario Mens Final
  St Albert Rugby Club Cricket 
8:00am Alberta BC Semifinal #2
1:00pm Ontario Winner of Semifinal #2 Finals


Start Times Royal Glenora Tennis  
8:00am Rahemtulla/Rahemtulla Dawood/Galib Men’s Doubles QF #1 Court 1
8:00am Zaver/Sunderji Jivraj/Mangalji Men’s Doubles QF#2 Court 2
8:00am Moosa/Mitha Rawji/Ladhani Men’s Doubles QF #3 Court 3
8:00am Premji/Alibhai Virjee/Jaffer Men’s Doubles QF #4 Court 4
8:45am Habib/Devji Jivraj/Karmali

Men’s Doubles
Consolation Game #1

Court 1
8:45am Jaffer/Kurji Kamisa/Jaffer Men’s Doubles
Consolation Game #1
Court 2
9:30am Imran Mitha/ Shaqil Rahemtulla Men’s Singles QF #1 game. Court 1
9:30am Kamil Ladhani Moez Rahemtulla Men’s Singles QF #2 Court 2
9:30am Zubeer Virji Jan Jaffer Men’s Singles QF#3 Court 3
9:30am Aly Zaver Rahim Dawood Men;s Singles QD #4 Court 4
11:00 TBD TBD Men’s Doubles SF#1 Court 1 & 2
12:30 TBD TBD Men’s Doubles  SF#2 Court 2

Start Times Pavilion Table Tennis  
8:30am Nadia Vastani Narisha Shariff Womens’s singles –
3rd and 4th place
Court 1
8:30am Karim Sumar Imran mamdani Men;s singles –
3rd & 4th process
9:00am Rahim Gaidhar/
Mohammed Shivji
Imran Mamdani/
Alnasir Khamisa
Men’s Doubles –
3rd and 4th place
9:30am Narisha Shariff/
Farid Janmohammed
Aliya Gaidhar/
Rahim Gaidhar
Mixed Doubles –
3rd and 4th place
10:15am Noor Panjo Natasha Manji (ont) Women’s Singles
11 am Farhan Mithani Huassain kabani Men’s Singles
11:45am Farhan Mithani/
Hussain Kabani
Badru liawala/
Jalal Ladak
Men’s Doubles
12:30pm Narisha Shariff/
Mehrun Kassam
Nadia Vastani/
Natasha Manji
Women’s Singles
1:15pm Natasha Manji/
Imran Mamdani
Nadia Vastani/
Farhan Mithani
Mixed Doubles –

Start Times Royal Glenora Badminton
9:00am Sameer Dewji Alkarim Daya Men’s Singles KO
9:00am Rahim Rana Azam Kanani Men’s Singles KO
9:00am Anar Merali Shafina Hassam Women’s singles KO
9:00am BC 1
(Rosemina Andani)          
(Narissa Zaheer Pardhan)         
Women’s Singles KO
9:30am OTT 1
(Rahim Karmali /
Shehzad Ismail)           
(Jameh Jivraj /
Nadir Jivraj) 
Men’s Doubles KO
9:30am PRA 1
(Azam Kanani /
Rahim Rana)  
(Aniz Nanji /
Altaf Noorali)          
Men`s Doubles KO
9:30am BC 2
(Riffat Manji /
Nabeela Kabani)          
(Sabrina Hasham /
Shazeen Dewji)           
Women`s Doubles KO
9:30am ONT 1
(Narissa Zaheer Pardhan /
Shazmin Jaffer) 
BC 1
(Shenaz Poonja /
Rosemina Andani)          
Women`s Doubles KO
10:00am     Men`s Final KO
10:00am     Women`s Final KO
10:00am     Men`s Doubles Final KO
10:00am     Women`s Doubles KO
11:00am PRA 3
(Saira Khimani /
Rahim Rana)  
BC 1
(Shenaz Poonja /
Arif Datoo)
Mixed Doubles KO
11:00am PRA 2
(Sabrina Hasham /
Alkarim Daya)           
(Shafina Hassam /
Azam Kanani)          
Mixed Doubles


Start Times Royal Glenora Club Squash  
9:00 am Asim Nanji Rumi Tejpar Men’s SF #1 Court 1
9:00 am Shahira Tejpar Soranya Kanjee Womens SF #2 Court 2
9:00am Alykhan Sachedina Aleem Merali QF Losers Court 3
9:00 am Ziyan Rajwai Alysha Rawji Womens SF #1 Court 4
10:00am Alykhan Thobani Aadam Tejpar Mens SF #2 Court 1
10:00am Gibran Jessani Shafik Kanji QF Losers Court 3
11:00am  Womens SF #1 Loser Womens SF#2 Loser Womens 3rd Place Court 1
11:00am Areez Jiwan Shahir Juma Men’s Consolation Final Court 2
11:00am SF #1 Winner SF #2 Winner Women’s Final Court 3
12:00pm Loser of Men’s SF Loser of Men’s SF #2 Men’s 3rd Place Court 2
12:00pm Winner of QF Losers #1 Winner of QF Loser #2 To determine 5th and 6th Court 3
1:00PM SF #1 Winner SF #2 winner Men’s Finals Court 1


Start TimeTraditional Volleyball
8:30amSemifinal #1
  Ontario EastBC-A Kinsmen
  Semifinal #2
  Prairies A Edmonton A Kinsmen
2:00pm Finals Main Gym


NOTE: Tournament officials reserve the right to shorten game/event times, alter venues, dates and any other changes to the format to accommodate the completion of the event in a timely manner.

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