Day 3: July 2

CIVIC provides opportunities for future athletes

Ten year-old Ishaq was very excited when he recently purchased his new soccer ball to practice and teach his younger brother, Kito.

It is this very experience that the Challenging Ismaili Volunteers in Communities (CIVIC) initiative is hoping to provide for other youth.  CIVIC, a Golden Jubilee initiative, began in 2008 with the purpose of providing Ismaili youth from ages 13 to 25 with opportunities to participate in external voluntary service in their local communities.

In upholding the Ismaili tradition of voluntary service and in spirit of the 2011 Canadian Ismaili Games (CIG), CIVIC has partnered with The Brick Sport Central. The vision of this volunteer-driven organization is to ensure that children in need have access to necessary sport equipment and also have the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice.  Sport Central’s goal is to gather, recycle and redistribute equipment to those kids who would otherwise be denied the opportunity to participate.  As these children continue to grow, they can exchange their equipment for a larger size.

CIVIC and Sport Central encourage all CIG participants - athletes and spectators - to donate any gently used sporting equipment for at-risk youth.  In addition to illustrating the Muslim values of generosity and giving, CIG participants will be promoting healthy lifestyles. The goal for this weekend is to donate 100 pieces of equipment.

After watching today's semi-finals, Kito plans to search his house for soccer balls to donate: "soccer is my favorite sport. The kids can also learn soccer and maybe soccer will be their favorite sport too."

CIVIC's partnership with The Brick Sport Central will be sure to lighten the hearts of many children in need and bring warm smiles to the aspiring athletes.

Malika Ladha
Posted: July 2 2011, 9:05pm MDT

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