Day 2: July 1

Can you feel the “Stereo Love” in the Pavilion today?!?!

Today was a jam packed day of events – where to begin?!

How about the amazing display of talent on the University of Alberta Pavilion stage today? It was amazing to see all the unique talent Edmonton has to offer. From the fabulous hip-hop dancers to the graceful Central Asian beauties, the Opening Ceremonies were a mosaic of cultures.

It was a proud moment for Edmonton as the host city and for Canada to receive an official Proclamation from His Worship Mayor Stephen Mandel that declared June 30 to July 3, 2011 the “Canadian Ismaili Games Weekend”! And it was certainly earned:  the Pavilion was decorated with a huge stage, bright lights and filled with the enthusiastic Jamat, ready to cheer!

Edmonton was very lucky to host some very special guests, including President of the Ismaili Council for Canada Mr. Mohamed Manji, CTV reporter Omar Sachedina – who emceed the event, and platinum-recording artist Mia Martina, who performed Stereo Love and Latin Moon! They were greeted with loud cheers and a warm Canadian welcome. Our guests reciprocated with an energy that left the Jamat on their feet and ready to commemorate this historic event.

It seems like a short recovery nap and a filling nastho at the Athletes' Lounge was all these participants needed to bring it on at the Games! From volleyball to basketball, these athletes ripped the courts with all their energy. Even the athletes participating in back-to-back games had smiles on their faces as they cheered on their fellow teammates!

With each game, the excitement continues to build to see who will make it to the finals.  Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the rest of tonight's festivities!

Sania Amiri
Posted: July 1 2011, 11:19pm MDT

Celebrating Canada Day with Pancakes

For the 22nd time, over 160 Ismaili volunteers gathered to host the annual Ismaili Muslim Canada Day Pancake Breakfast. While cloud coverage was high and rainfall was present, members of the Ismaili Volunteer Corps arrived at 5am to begin mixing pancake batter with power drills, cutting watermelon with buckets of knives and preparing the essential morning chai.

As the sun revealed itself, over 11 000 members of the Edmonton community arrived forming a line across the entire Alberta Legislature Grounds excited for their free celebratory pancakes. This year over 95 gallons of pancake syrup were used to sweeten more than 25 000 pancakes.

As this year's breakfast fell on the same weekend as the 2011 Canadian Ismaili Games, it was a great start to Games Day 2 and was attended by a number of athletes and spectators from across the nation.

After three hours of serving alongside members of Parliament, the legislative assembly, City Council, the Ismaili Council for Canada and the Ismaili Council for Edmonton, the volunteers closed shop to transform the Canada Day Pancake Breakfast into the annual Citizenship Court Tea Ceremony.

Each year, the Edmonton Ismaili community has the privilege of hosting the Citizenship Court Tea Ceremony, honoring those officially receiving their citizenship on Canada Day in Edmonton.  Aneesa Murji, Member for Community Relations, brought greetings from the Ismaili Council for Edmonton. This year, the Tea Ceremony followed a Central Asian theme showcasing the dancing talents of Sara and Muskaan Virani with various Central Asian sweets and tea.

Khatidja Khalfan, Member of Edmonton Celebrate Canada, commented, "It's great to see how members of the Ismaili community take such an active role in giving back to their country."

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Honorable Donald Ethell and Citizenship Court Judge Sonia Bitar humbly thanked the Ismaili Muslim Community for the event and are looking forward to next year's program.

Irfan Kherani
Posted: July 1 2011, 11:59pm MDT

Day 2 - July 1:  And the anticipation at the airport continues…

While some of us may be fast asleep after midnight on a Friday, an excited and dedicated team of youth Ismaili volunteers stationed themselves at the Edmonton International Airport to provide athletes and their families from across Canada with a warm welcome to the City of Champions for the 2011 Canadian Ismaili Games (CIG)! 

As sleepy athletes arrived from long flights and differing time zones, they walked through the airport’s arrival gates and instantaneously, excitement levels rose to new maximums for both the guests and the hosts. 

In the Welcome Lounge, old friends reconnected while new friendships bloomed over warm cups of masala chai, chili-spiced papri and fresh apples (for the health-conscious coaches). The time flew while waiting for shuttles, providing an ideal opportunity for athletes and volunteers from different cities to bond over the much anticipated weekend.

Nasheena Wallani, member from the Vancouver girls' volleyball team, was amazed with Edmonton's hospitality:  "It was the best welcome ever! The volunteers just smiled the moment they saw us!  I was just so surprised to see so many super stars, smiling and ready for us. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend!" 

This was such a memorable moment that inspired my friends and I to continue painting CIG welcome and cheer signs until 2 am!

Malika Ladha
Posted: July 2 2011, 12:05pm MDT

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