Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Canadian Ismaili Games? Why are they being held?

The Canadian Ismaili Games have been designed to promote excellence in sport, sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy competition.  This premier event will attract the best and brightest talent in the country.  Athletes participating in the Canadian Ismaili Games will have an opportunity to represent Canada at the next International Games. 

When and where will the tournament be held?

The Canadian Ismaili Games will be in held in Edmonton from June 30th – July 3rd, 2011. Further information is available here.

What sports will be played at the tournament?

A list of the sports offered is available here.

 I don't live in Edmonton, what are my transportation options?

Group rates have been negotiated with airlines.  Details are available here.

Will transportation be provided once I arrive in Edmonton?

Transportation will be provided for athletes staying at official tournament athlete hotels and residences from the airport at designated times to the athletes’ village, designated hotels, all sporting venues and to all social events.

Will accommodation be provided for me while I am in Edmonton?

Details of accommodations and costs are available here. Bookings will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if I want to stay with my friends or family?

You may stay with friends or family, however transportation will only be provided to athletes who are staying at the official designated accommodations.

Where can I get additional information regarding the Canadian Ismaili Games?

This tournament website ( is your primary source for up to date information. Please be sure to check the regional sections of the website to get the latest information on clinics, regional qualifying tournaments, and tryouts in your region.

What equipment will I need?

Each sport has specific equipment requirement and rules.  The official rules for the tournament, which all participants are expected to be familiar with, will be available at the tournament website.

What if my family or friends want to come and watch me play?

Family and friends are more than welcome to do so! The preliminary tournament schedule will be posted on the website in June 2011.

How do I qualify for the International Games?

The top finishers of individual sports at the Canadian Ismaili Games will qualify to represent Canada at any international games held before March 2013.

For team sports, all athletes participating in the Canadian Ismaili Games will be scouted and from those athletes, teams will be put together to represent Canada at the international level.  Details of how the scouting process will be conducted will be available in June 2011.

Will players who have never played have an opportunity to make the team?

Players will be selected based on merit.  A player's attitude, commitment and skill will all contribute to whether they ultimately make a team.

Why should I participate in the Canadian Ismaili Games?

The Canadian Ismaili Games celebrate excellence in sport, sportsmanship, teamwork and promotes a commitment to active and healthy living.  The Canadian Ismaili Games give you an opportunity to participate in months of sports programming, culminating in the tournament itself.  Participating will improve your physical conditioning, give you the opportunity to make new friends from across Canada, the opportunity to develop new skills, and most importantly, to have a great time!

Participating in the Canadian Ismaili Games can also make you eligible to participate in any International Games held before 2013. 

I'm not interested in playing a sport, how do I participate in the Canadian Ismaili Games?

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available for everyone! Please click here to register as a volunteer.


If I miss my flight or it is delayed what do I do? Our Airport Hospitality volunteers have flight details of all registered participants, and therefore, will be aware of any delays or cancellations. If a flight is missed, it is the participant’s responsibility to make arrangements to arrive in Edmonton at the next possible scheduled time. Note: The Aga Khan Council for Edmonton, the CIG organIzing team,  and its volunteers will not be responsible for any costs incurred. 

If I miss my shuttle to my game what do I do?
All participants will receive transportation schedules and will be responsible to arrive on time for their games. It is strongly recommended that athletes use the earliest scheduled shuttle possible to their game.

I have no family in Edmonton, can I take my family on the shuttle.
All shuttles and transportation provided are only for registered participants.

Will transportation be provided to Jamatkhanas throughout the weekend?
Transportation to the University of Alberta campus Jamatkhana will be provided for all registered participants throughout the weekend.


What does my registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers refereed games and matches, transportation between sports venues, transportation from the airport to the designated CIG accommodations, transportation to and from University of Alberta Jamati services, and meals and snacks for the entire tournament weekend for all participants. All registered participants will receive an accreditation/participation ID badge, a programme booklet, a jersey, a water bottle and a wrist band.

If my athlete’s registration package has any missing items, whom do I contact?
If any items are missing from your registration package, please inform the volunteers seated at the registration desks.

I’ve lost my Athlete Badge, what do I do?
Athletes and coaches will not be able to participate in any sports without their ID badge. These will only be provided on Wednesday, Thursdays and Friday at the times indicated in the programme booklet. If you lose your badge, please see volunteers seated at the registration desk.

Jamati Activities

Are there any ticketed events?
A Farewell CIG 2011 BBQ will be held on Sunday, July 3rd at Varsity Field.  Everyone is welcome to attend this ticketed event. The event is complementary for registered participants.

Will Jamati Services be held on campus?
Yes. Jamati Services will be held on campus throughout the Games weekend at the regular times. On Thursday and Friday, Jamati Services will be held at Lister Hall and on Saturday, Jamati Services will be held at the University of Alberta Pavilion.

Will any games be played during Jamati Services?
No. All games and evening events will end prior to Jamati Services and will recommence following the completion of Jamati Services.

Have arrangements been made for non-Ismaili family members during Jamati Services?
Yes. The Alberta Room at Lister Hall on campus will be provided for all non-Ismaili family members to use during Jamati Services.

Are there any events where non-Ismaili family members will not be allowed?  
Non-Ismaili family members are encouraged to attend, participate and volunteer for all the activities planned throughout the weekend with the exception of Jamati services.


I have a dietary restriction, who do I inform?
All participants are requested to inform their coaches and indicate any dietary restrictions at the time of registration.

Will the meals provided for the athletes be served at the sports venues?
Depending on Games schedules, athletes’ meals will be provided at the sports venues and/or University of Alberta Pavilion.

Will non-athletes be provided meals and snacks? If not, will non-athletes be able to purchase the same meals and snacks?
Meals and snacks will only be provided for registered participants. Concessions for all visitors will be available for purchase at the University of Alberta Campus and other sporting venues.  The concessions at the University of Alberta Pavilion Concourse and Foote Field will be open on Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd from 10am to 4pm.


Will there be free Wi-Fi access available at any of the locations and will there be an Internet kiosk available for use?
A Business Centre facility for athletes use will be available in the Athletes’ Lounge, located on the first floor at the University of Alberta Pavilion.


I want to volunteer when I arrive in Edmonton, how can I do that?
There are numerous volunteer opportunities available for everyone! Please visit the self managed volunteer registration system at Click "select an event" and select the various areas of opportunities from the drop down menu. Please do not limit your volunteering to one or two shifts, sign up for as many shifts as you can over the four days! You can also register at ICARE.

Additional Information

Are certified officials adjudicating every sport?
All games and matches will be refereed by trained and certified officials.

Will you have an information line with pre-recorded information about the events?
All the event information can be found in the programme booklets or on the CIG website. Volunteers at various venues will be available to answer any questions about Games schedules.

I don’t speak English, are translators available.
Yes, translators in Farsi, French, Gujarati, Urdu, and Hindi will be available to assist those who do not speak English.

If an emergency occurs who do I call?
Please contact ICARE at 1-888-945-9673 for any emergencies. In cases where immediate medical assistance is required please call 911.


Volunteers of the 2008 Canadian Ismaili Games held in Vancouver.

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